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An anti-burglary radar

Publié le 27/10/2021

The Vaud-based company ARHUB is developing a sensor capable of detecting intrusions before they occur. The project is financed by Innosuisse and involves the expertise of two Zurich universities.

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Seeing through walls, without a camera. This is the challenge that ARHUB, a start-up from the canton of Vaud already active in the security market, is taking up by developing a human presence detector. This is a real disruption in the alarm system market, which is often composed of cameras, motion sensors, or door or window opening detectors. The disadvantage is that they are only triggered when the burglar is already in the house, and they do not prevent theft or damage. ARHUB technology allows the alarm to sound before the intruder is in.

The radar, positioned inside the building, emits electromagnetic pulses towards the outside and records the echo of the waves reflected by the various objects they encounter (walls, trees, animals, humans, ...). The short range radio waves are attenuated when they meet obstacles. The first challenge is to ensure that they are not too altered when they pass through concrete, wood, glass, or iron, which is particularly problematic. The second challenge is the analysis and interpretation of the different echoes. Artificial intelligence (AI) will make it possible to distinguish between them, for example, that of an animal and that of a human. More precisely, AI will make it possible to identify the signature of an echo corresponding to the behavior of a malevolent person and to trigger the alarm even before it reaches the building. The research continues with the University of Applied Sciences of Zurich (ZHAW) and the team of Professor Marc Kuhn.

Note that the use of AI is not new to ARHUB, as it is already used in its current products that analyze the sounds inside a building and identify the break-in at the precise moment it is perpetrated.

"Moreover, our solution removes the constraint of managing users' personal data, as we do not record conversations and we do not generate or store images or videos," Natalya Lopareva, ARHUB by Security Alarms & Co. S.A. CEO and Founder.

The project benefits from a CHF 250,000 Innosuisse grant and the support of Alliance, which helped the company present her project and find research partners.

The prototype of this new anti-intrusion radar will be presented in spring 2022 and ARHUB hopes to commercialize it in early 2023. The company is targeting the residential sector and hopes to help reduce the number of burglaries in Switzerland by 15 percent. The device will be offered at an affordable, but undisclosed price at this time.

This project was handled by Claude Muller, Alliance's Advisor in innovation, micro & nanotechnologies.

Contact: ARHUB, Natalya Iopareva, tél : +41 21 866 08 60