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Novaccess : a dynamic network architecture optimized by software

Publié le 08/06/2018

Novaccess deploys its activities in the field of "Smart Cities". In order to be always at the forefront in a field in constant evolution, the company wanted to investigate new standards to determine the new approaches they could bring to future IoT deployments.

The company

Created in 2011, Novaccess deploys its activities in the field of "Smart Cities" and in particular in the Internet of Things (IoT). Since its beginning, the young startup has developed several CTI projects, all set-up with the assistance of Alliance. It has thus been able to support its technological development in a rapidly evolving field. One of these projects was even singled out in the 2015 Activity report of CTI. According to the CEO of Novaccess, the CTI projects have given the company a good momentum and the company is now experiencing an international development, particularly in the United Arab Emirates.

The project

The constant evolution of the IoT market requires anticipating new technologies and their commercial opportunities. Novaccess has to innovate constantly. The latest project called, "IoT Hybrid Networks for a Sustainable and Efficient Smart" was developed in partnership with the Institute for Information and Communication Technologies (IICT) at HEIG-VD. The purpose of the project was to investigate the new "Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT)" and "Long Term Evolution Machine to Machine (LTE-M)" standards in order to ascertain new approaches they could make to future IoT deployments.

The interest of the project goes far beyond the control of these new technologies. It allows indeed to improve all the operational characteristics and thus ensure the durability of IoT applications. Innovation is provided by a dynamic and software-optimized network architecture, a new perspective of "Software-defined networking". CTI experts recognized the quality of the project and approved its funding.

Setting-up a project rarely happens without initial ideas getting better along the way. Unfortunately, time is often lacking. During the submission of this project, the stress of the last moments was particularly epic due to the November 3, 2017 deadline, set to allow the passage of CTI to the new organization Innosuisse. It is precisely in these moments that the support of a mentor is decisive, by the trust that he brings to the partners and by the quality of the dialogue established.

Contact: alliance@alliance-tt.ch