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Teleport SA : A new video browsing application

Publié le 15/05/2017

Created in 2016, Teleport SA has created a new paradigm of audio-visual interaction based on web technologies, in order to make video browsing efficient and instant.

The company

Founded in February 2016 and already rewarded with several awards of excellence, this young company is active in web communication. In this field, Teleport has created a new paradigm of audio-visual interaction based on web technologies: users have the ability to navigate without constraint in video sequences and to interact directly with this enriched content. Regular linear media of the video sequences are thus redefined to become interactive and playful.

Hence unique video interactions, the company realizes web applications for virtual visits of public or private spaces, such as the EPFL campus.

The project

To offer on-line customers an unparalleled video interactivity, the company decided to make video browsing as efficient and instantaneous as just browsing regular text documents. The code name of the project is RAVE (Random Access Video Encoding).

To provide this new quality of experience, video distribution should be redesigned to enable virtually instantaneous and smooth transitions from sequence to sequence. In the case of a web interaction, this constraint is difficult to achieve due to lack of available bandwidth. Today, Teleport SA already offers a preliminary version of the interaction paradigm by encoding video sequences, image by image, with two levels of compression and a progressive upload of video sequences. These techniques allow users to navigate freely within a video sequence but at the cost of excessive bandwidth and without smooth sequence transitions. Typically, for a sequence of 1000 images, it takes about 120 MB, whereas a usual video compression could reduce this value to only 5 MB. The objective of the project is precisely to find a way to reduce the necessary bandwidth by a factor of 5 to 10, while keeping the flexibility of the image-by-image encoding. Additionally, this compression factor will have the side effect to smooth the sequence transitions. Ideally, the goal is to eliminate any need for intermediate buffering and thus to provide a fine-grained interaction without perceivable latency.

The market traction for immersive video is booming; it enables to create a truly engaging content. Thanks to this project, Teleport will create a unique selling proposition: end-users will be able to freely navigate within video content and, furthermore, content creators will be able to enrich that experience by embedding additional interaction means.

To meet this ambitious research challenge, the start-up naturally turned to EPFL's MMPSG (Multimedia Signal Processing Group), led by Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi. The technological knowledge required by the project is perfectly in line with the research activities of the lab. Furthermore, with the support of Alliance’s Innovation Mentor, the two partners did submit with success a CTI project proposal to finance the research activities.

The project is now completed and the new video interactivity will soon be set into production.

Contact: alliance@alliance-tt.ch