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Produits dentaires SA : An innovative cannula for the cleaning of dental canals

Publié le 15/05/2017

Produits Dentaires SA is specialized in endodontics. The company recently developed a disposable polymer cannula with side micro-holes to eject the disinfectant.

The company

Founded in 1940, Produits Dentaires SA is an SME belonging to the same family for 3 generations. The company offers dentists a wide range of quality products for endodontics, conservative odontology and prophylaxis. Thanks to recognized know-how, impeccable quality and an innovative mind, the company has established itself in more than 100 countries on 5 continents and its brand "PD" has found international recognition synonymous with Swiss high quality.

Produits Dentaires SA has been a member of the Alliance Association since 2004.

The project

As the dental sector is very competitive, Produits dentaires SA must innovate constantly in order to remain competitive. In recent years, the company has launched a number of research projects: a new distributor of cotton pellets, specially designed polishing cups, a novel canal irrigation system, cements and placement instruments dedicated to endodontic practice .

Despite an efficient and dynamic R&D team, the company could not launch all these projects without the support of research institutions. It turned to Alliance to seek help to find partners and set-up projects. The company was therefore able to develop several collaborative projects with universities: projects financed by the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI), direct mandates and even a student internship for the Quality Department, which ended by the recruitment of the student at the end of his studies.

Among these projects, the last one is an innovative cannula used to clean dental canals. The idea is to develop a disposable polymer cannula equipped with lateral micro-holes to eject the disinfectant. The diameter of the cannula is of the order of a third of a millimeter at its extremity and the realization of radial micro-holes is a technical challenge not evident to take up. This project was developed in several steps: firstly, a mandate given to the HE-Arc Institute of Industrial Microtechniques and financed by SPECO allowed to model the cannula and to determine the optimal size and position of the holes. This allowed the development of a prototype that was tested in vitro by dental universities. The study of industrial equipment presenting special difficulties related to microinjection has been the subject of two years of development within the framework of a CTI research project. Today this project is finished and since the beginning of 2017, the micro-cannula is in its industrialization phase and should soon be put on the market.

"A good knowledge of a large academic network coupled with the technical understanding of the projects make Alliance a perfect platform to generate convincing partnerships", David Brendlen, R&D manager at Produits Dentaires SA.

Contact: alliance@alliance-tt.ch