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DIGI SENS SA : new generation of force sensors

Publié le 15/05/2017

Digi Sens SA produces measuring force systems. The company decided to study and develop a new generation of force sensors adapted to emerging concepts.

The company

Headquartered in Fribourg, DIGI SENS SA was founded in 1993. The company develops, produces and sells measurement systems based on the oscillating-wire technology. The company employs 35 people and has clients and partners all around the world. DIGI SENS places a particular emphasis on innovation in order to offer its customers reliable and inexpensive solutions with high-added value.

The project

The DIGI SENS sensors measure the force (weight) using an oscillating wire. As in a guitar, the wire oscillates and the frequency of oscillation changes according to the tension. The tension changes in proportion to the applied force. A measurement of the frequency change informs about the force exerted.

DIGI SENS has imagined a new generation of sensors based on an innovative approach for the excitation and response mechanisms of the oscillating wire. The expected benefits are reduced energy consumption, reduced sensor size, lower production costs and the possibility to offer a wider range of applications, such as for emerging concepts like "IoT" or "Industry 4.0".

Although the company has considerable expertise in the field of sensors using vibrating wire technology, it needs certain technologies and R&D capabilities necessary for this project. As a member of the Alliance Association, DIGI SENS has naturally contacted Alliance in order to obtain guidance from an Innovation mentor. A short preliminary feasibility study had to be carried out in the Ceramics Laboratory of Prof. Muralt at EPFL. A request for financing this study is addressed to the CTI in the form of an Innovation Check. The request is accepted and the feasibility study has delivered very promising results.

It is then decided to continue on this innovation path and apply for a classic CTI project. Specific skills for the preparation of metallic samples are further required by the consortium. The group of Prof. Fouad Rahali of the HEIG-VD integrates the project for this part. The application is written and sent to the CTI for the financing of the project. After one iteration, the project is accepted at the end of 2016.

Contact: alliance@alliance-tt.ch