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Artmyn SA : Works of art from various angles

Publié le 12/05/2017

Start-up of EPFL, ARTMYN SA provides a totally new solution for high-precision digitization of works of art allowing users to perform an emotional journey where digital replicas can be explored as if they were holding the originals.

Stèle Iouy et Abenety - 1900-1750 av. J.-C.

The project

A portable scanner captures gigabytes of data that render the work to its smallest details, which, together with proprietary web technologies, allow incredibly realistic visualizations. Thanks to an interactive rendering on mobile devices, works can be accessed from a simple web browser.

It all started in the laboratory of Prof. Martin Vetterli, the LCAV (Audiovisual Communications Laboratory) at EPFL. In collaboration with the Martin Bodmer Foundation and Google, the laboratory has developed a new type of scanner capable of capturing in all their richness the manuscripts of the Foundation and their magnificent illustrations.

Rapidly, the researchers realized the formidable commercial potential of the prototype they had developed. Indeed, it allowed to present on a screen works of art that were difficult to access for a wide audience. The proposed images showed the pages of the manuscripts in their smallest details, often even invisible to the naked eye, under different angles and lights.

But the prototype had some restrictions that made it impossible to market: too bulky to be transportable and too slow. New research was therefore needed in order to be able to exploit this technology in a start-up.

Dr. Loïc Baboulaz, the researcher who developed this prototype, together with Alexandre Catsicas, a young entrepreneur seduced by this technology, came to Alliance for support. In order to continue the necessary research on this project they needed funding. Due to the fact that the company was not created, it was decided to make a CTI project without implementation partner. This type of project is relatively difficult to obtain since the mission of CTI is to finance collaborative projects between a research laboratory and an industrial partner. But if the commercial potential of a project without implementation partner is credible, then the funding request can be accepted. The application was therefore carefully prepared in order to highlight the high potential of the project and the CTI agreed to finance it.

An international success

Today the research is finished and the start-up, ARTMYN SA, created in June 2016, is internationally successful. In addition to the Bodmer Foundation, it already has prestigious partner institutions such as the Musée de l'Elysée, Sotheby's, Artlab of EPFL, AXA Art Insurances and others to discover on their website .

"Alliance and CTI have been key elements to facilitate the transition from an academic project to the creation of our startup. Thank you for this invaluable support", Loïc Baboulaz, CEO ARTMYN SA

Contact: alliance@alliance-tt.ch