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Icoflex Sàrl : IcoPackTM, packaging platform for MEMS

Mis à jour le 31/03/2016

IcoFlex Sàrl, expert in micromachining by abrasion of hard and brittle materials, developed IcoPackTM, a platform made of glass for electrical interconnections for applications in chip and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) packaging. This glass platform consists of an array of holes of 150 microns minimum in diameter on a thin glass surface, which are filled with electrical conductors.

IcoFlex can make 150 microns holes, which leaves more place for connectic and sensors

The company IcoFlex Sàrl in Lausanne, specialized in cutting and drilling thin plates of glass and quartz. The CTI project enabled the company to improve its glass drilling method. Derived from electronics, the technique is extremely complex to master as the holes are drilled with an order of 150 microns and several thousands of holes must be flawlessly drilled on a small thin glass plate 300 microns thick.

New manufacturing strategy

Since its inception in 2004, IcoFlex has steadily developed its tools and machining processes to improve the precision and reduce the size of the machined structures. In the CTI project, the company has sought to reduce the diameter of the holes down to 150 microns.

In order to drill a hole, IcoFlex firstly prepares a polymer manufacturing mould. This determining process gives the final size of the hole in the glass and is therefore the limiting step of the machining process. In this CTI project, new polymer formulations associated with a new mould manufacturing strategy was achieved. At the end of the project, a first series of IcoPackTM, composed of micro-channel glass matrix with gold-filled holes of 150 microns in diameter, was successfully manufactured and delivered to their first customer.

Successful collaboration

Prof. Philippe Renaud, of the Laboratory microsystems (LMIS4) of EPFL, was the first IcoFlex interlocutor to discuss technical issues and funding opportunities. It was decided to prepare a CTI project and Alliance was contacted to take advantage of their skills in the organization and management of projects, in order to maximize the project’s chance of acceptance for funding. The collaboration between Alliance, IcoFlex and the research group of Prof. Philippe Renaud has been a success.

Next challenge: large-scale production

Thanks to the financial assistance from the CTI, IcoFlex, which employs six employees, has been able to cross an important technological step in the development of its product IcoPackTM.

Currently, IcoPackTM is manufactured in limited series for applications with very high added value. The company wishes to distribute this product more widely but to reach this goal, the company must first face the challenge of reducing the cost of production. IcoFlex nevertheless has high hopes of winning a bigger market share with this product.

Contact: alliance@alliance-tt.ch