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Moka Studios Sàrl : 3D animations available to graphic designers

Mis à jour le 26/03/2016

The Swiss start-up Moka Studio Sàrl has developed a 3D animation software easy to understand and dedicated to 2D and 3D graphic designers. Its innovative technology, developed in collaboration with the immersive interaction research group at the EPFL, is the first of its kinds in the world.

Mokasketch allows 2D & 3D graphic designers to create complex 3-D animations in an intuitive manner

Founded in 2008 and based in Martigny in Valais, Moka Studio is a start-up specializing in 3D entertainment and motion capture. After several successful projects in the field of advertising and television, in particular, the company chose to focus its efforts on its software Mosketch. Its ambition? To provide a powerful and intuitive graphic tool that does not require in depth knowledge in 3D animation to start working with it.

Submitting the first CTI application with the help of Alliance

In order to carry out the project, the company approached the immersive at the research group EPFL, led by Dr. Ronan Boulic. Dr. Boulic’s expertise, particularly in the control of articulated systems, has demonstrated to be a valuable resource. This collaboration was formalized when the CTI funding was approved by the Confederation, with the support of Alliance. Benoît Le Callennec, co-founder and CEO of Moka Studio, considers Alliances involvement as decisive. "To me, it is clear that without the support of the Alliance Innovation mentor, Catherine Jean, our application certainly would never have been accepted (by the CTI). Her relevant advice from an outsider’s perspective, on how to structure our case has helped us a lot. "

A more intuitive software and 100 times faster

Kicked off in the spring of 2014, the research covered two main areas: increase the calculation speed of the software and its usability; in order to transpose as faithfully as possible to the screen all the fluidity of drawings on paper. "Mosketch optimizes the resources from graphic cards and simultaneously perform thousands of calculations, and then adopts only the best solutions and transcribes them on the screen, "notes Dr. Ronan Boulic. As a result, this gives the user a feeling of instantaneousness and reactivity, with a response time of less than 15 milliseconds, 100 times quicker than that of the initial algorithms.

An up-coming commercialisation and a second CTI project

Mosketch was unanimously approved by all the lucky beta testers and is currently in the fine-tuning phase. Two scientific articles have also been submitted to well-recognized scientific journals, thus proving that the technology has raised a lot of interest in this field. There are also impressive demonstration videos posted on the Moka Studios website. The commercialization of the programme, initially targeted towards freelance illustrators, is expected to be launched at the end of 2015.

Things are going well and Moka Studio Sàrl does not intend to stop here. While still working in collaboration with the EPFL and receiving support from Alliance, a second CTI project focused on motion capturing and editing has been submitted and conditionally accepted. This 3D animation software can draw up new exciting plans in the future!

Contact: alliance@alliance-tt.ch