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Veovox SA : voice recognition in a noisy background

Mis à jour le 25/03/2016

Veovox SA offers voice recognition solutions for order management and stock control in the catering, hospitality and distribution sectors. It develops a speech recognition technology that ensures optimal reliability in noisy environments and that is adaptable to users with different accents.

Since 2004, Veovox has developped a device that vocally manages ordering process.

A technology at your service

Based in Pully since its creation in 2008, Veovox has developed a device that vocally manages customer ordering process.

With this tool, employees at fast food chains or dining establishments can simply verbalize instructions and orders, which are instantly transmitted to the kitchen and cash registers. Speech recognition is done in real time and the status of orders is updated continuously and available for access on screens at all times.

The Veovox technology brings substantial advantages: faster and more reliable management of orders, significant reduction in errors, better customer satisfaction, increase in productivity and facilitation of team work. The effectiveness and reliability of such a technology lie in its ability to handle information despite a noisy environment and different user accents and pronunciations. Veovox meets these requirements and offers today a unique voice recognition system in the world.

The technology was first used in a series of fast food restaurant chains with excellent results and is currently being deployed in new fast food chains.

A fruitful collaboration

The technology had to be equipped with a multilingual module in order to be rapidly used in new linguistic regions and thus open new prospects for the company in the international market. It was essential for Veovox to work in partnership with a leading research laboratory to develop a speech recognition technology in noisy and challenging environment. To meet this challenge, Veovox and Idiap Research Institute, based in Martigny, submitted a CTI application with the support of Alliance.

The objective was: to allow automatic adaptation to new languages while maintaining a high reliability of speech recognition, regardless of the ambient noise level of the environment. The CTI project implicating a dozen people, was successfully accepted and the first phase of this product innovation is currently in the testing phase.

Contact: alliance@alliance-tt.ch