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TESA SA : wireless measuring devices

Mis à jour le 24/03/2016

TESA SA has developed a wireless module, the TWIN, adaptable to its precision measuring tools and allowing the transmission of measurement data. It meets the market needs for wireless connections, improved traceability, and quality control.

TWIN wireless module was integrated into manual measuring tools such as the calipers, TESA’s flagship products.

TESA SA, located in Renens since 1941, specializes in the production of measuring instruments. Recently, there has been an ever increasing demand for wireless instruments, including the need for increased quality control requirements and traceability. In response, the company has developed a wireless module, initially for a particular range of tools, which now has been integrated generally to all its hand tools. généralisé à l’ensemble de ses outils à main.

Small and powerful

TWIN wireless module was integrated to manual measuring tools such as the calipers, TESA’s flagship products. The measurement values are transmitted directly to a software, which also allows a connection with the data base. The module can also receive information sent by the software, such as a confirmation of receipt or compliance with the measurement specifications. Miniaturization of the module was a fundamental step in the development and success of TWIN.

By responding to the needs of industry in terms of quality control and traceability of information, TWIN fits perfectly in the Smart Industry and has allowed TESA to gain a strong position in the market.

Scientific challenges successfully met

Calling upon the necessary technological competences, the TWIN project was carried out through two CTI fundings, which were developed with the support of Alliance. The projects were conducted in collaboration with Professor Bertrand Hochet from the eMbedded Information System Institute (MIS) of the HEIG-VD, and Professor Pierre Pompili, Institute of Systems Engineering (ISI) of the HES-SO Valais.

Their work has overcome several scientific challenges related to the project, including miniaturization and modularity of the system, thus facilitating TWIN adaptability to multiple instruments. Finally, the device is equipped with a bi-directional communication system, which ensures both the sending and reception of data and instructions.

A commercial success

TWIN module has been well received on the market. Above all, it represents a strategic product for this company of 310 employees and thus allows the company to position itself in the forefront of wireless measurement instrument market.

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