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Cliris SA : keep your glasses always clean

Mis à jour le 27/03/2016

Winner of Public choice during last conference, Cliris SA will shortly introduce on the market their automatic eyewear cleaner, the Cliris®, which uses new cleaning technologies intended for private consumers.

A Cliris® glasses case

Eyeglasses always get dirty quickly. Wiping them off with t-shirts tails may be convenient but not recommended, using sprays and special cleaning tissues may also prove to be inefficient. So what solution did engineer Didier Lutz come up with? He wanted to create a device that would allow eyeglasses to be cleaned more efficiently than by opticians and that would have a beautiful design and shape, improved cleaning efficiency, and be small and easy to place anywhere, while using the ultrasonic cleaning technology.

In 2007, Didier Lutz’s automated eyeglasses cleaner won the excellence prize of “Trophée PERL” of Lausanne Region. He then contacted Alliance, which in turn put him in contact with the Department of Chemistry at the School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg (HEIA). In 2013, the company Cliris SA moved to the technology park of Yverdon-les-Bains and the first batch of cleaners was recently made commercially available by pre-orders.

Cliris®: an intelligent device

Intended for all types of users, the Cliris® not only cleans eyeglasses, but also disinfects them by eliminating bacteria and impurities. It uses an ultrasonic cleaning technology combined with Cliriense, a special cleaning and antiseptic solution that is 100% biodegradable.

Pebble-shaped and featuring a drawer in which glasses are placed for a cycle of complete cleaning within four minutes: cleaning, rinsing, drying, anti-fog and anti-static treatment, thanks to a system in Cliris® composed of engines and pumps. Furthermore, eyeglasses can be stored and protected from dust in the Cliris® as in any eyeglass case. In the future, Cliris aims to further reduce the cleaning cycle time.

A long-term partnership

Cliris worked throughout this collaborative project with the chemistry laboratory of the HES-SO Fribourg, initially with Professor Claude Rohrbasser, then following his retirement, with Professor Ulrich Scholten. The institute has performed tests concerning temperature, cooling, the chemicals used in the cleaning solution Cliriense, etc. The project is in constant development and the company stays constantly in touch with the laboratory.

Several technical problems have been solved in this project, including: miniaturization of components and the ultrasonic bath, management of the ultrasound signals and their strength to make them suitable for a horizontal tank. In parallel, Cliris has developed cleaning liquids which flush and dry the glasses without leaving traces, using anti-fog, anti-static liquids; however, without the use of heat, in order to prevent the delicate materials of frames and lenses from being altered, during the cleaning cycles.

Design meets performance

The aesthetics aspect of the product was important as to provide a satisfying user experience on a daily basis. Didier Lutz asked the help of a renowned designer to give the Cliris® cleaner a sleek shape and style. The resulting product is an attractive and innovative pebble-shaped device containing a drawer that opens when a hand passes over it. Eventually, the device will be connected to smartphones. Today Cliris employs four people.

Contact: alliance@alliance-tt.ch