Sources d’Innovation: the winners!

Five companies have won a CHF 10,000 grant to finance a project with a university: Cortexia, NGL Cleaning Technology SA, BAQ, Isochronic and Met-Flow.


Highlighted projects

AI to better urban cleanliness

During the Source of Innovation competition, the company Cortexia won one of five 10,000 CHF checks for improving its waste detection algorithm using Artificial Intelligence.


A solar power plant to produce green hydrogen

After transforming its huge roof into a solar power plant, Flasa is turning to the production of renewable hydrogen. The project, carried out in partnership with the HES Valais Wallis, has just been awarded an Innosuisse cheque for CHF 15,000.


iOnctura: two promising cancer molecules.

Innosuisse is supporting the Geneva-based biotech iOnctura SA to evaluate the potential of two molecules, IOA-244 and IOA-289, and is granting it financial assistance of almost one million francs.


An anti-burglary radar

The Vaud-based company ARHUB is developing a sensor capable of detecting intrusions before they occur. The project is financed by Innosuisse and involves the expertise of two Zurich universities.


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