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Highlighted projects

DIGI SENS SA : new generation of force sensors

Digi Sens SA produces measuring force systems. The company decided to study and develop a new generation of force sensors adapted to emerging concepts.


Produits dentaires SA : An innovative cannula for the cleaning of dental canals

Produits Dentaires SA is specialized in endodontics. The company recently developed a disposable polymer cannula with side micro-holes to eject the disinfectant.


Teleport SA : A new video browsing application

Created in 2016, Teleport SA has created a new paradigm of audio-visual interaction based on web technologies, in order to make video browsing efficient and instant.


Artmyn SA : Works of art from various angles

Start-up of EPFL, ARTMYN SA provides a totally new solution for high-precision digitization of works of art allowing users to perform an emotional journey where digital replicas can be explored as if they were holding the originals.


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