Louisa Busca Grisoni : new member of the Alliance Association comity

Recently elected as EPFL representative to the Alliance Association Committee, Louisa Busca Grisoni is head of Corporate Relations in the EPFL Vice-Presidency for Innovation and Technology Transfer (VPIV) and Director of the Switzerland Innovation Park Network West EPFL (SIP-West). Interview:


Three entrepreneurs tell the story of the support they received from Alliance

Three videos with Anne Mellano from BestMile, Benoît Mariani from Gait-Up and Philippe Menoud from IEM.


Recent news from Mosketch !

Mosketch, a software developed by Moka Studio and EPFL, lets you generate 3D animation without sophisticated training. It’s a professional-grade software that can be used by anyone, from independent artists to animation studios.


Highlighted projects

Icoflex Sàrl : IcoPackTM, packaging platform for MEMS

IcoFlex Sàrl, expert in micromachining by abrasion of hard and brittle materials, developed IcoPackTM, a platform made of glass for electrical interconnections for applications in chip and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) packaging. This glass platform consists of an array of holes of 150 microns minimum in diameter on a thin glass surface, which are filled with electrical conductors.


Contexa SA : a revolutionary sensor for volumetric dosing

Winner of Alliance Association Prize SME Category, Contexa SA has developed a sensor, the Colibri, for simultaneous dosing of ingredients of different quantities, ranging from a few milligrams to several kilos without using weighing scales or balances.


Scientific Visual SA : illuminating Sapphire – making visible the invisible

Winner of Alliance Association Prize Start-up category, Scientific Visual SA has created a line of scanners that perform automated quality control by rendering non-polished sapphire optically transparent and so allowing the detection of internal defects.


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